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We are the only Biomechanical Assessment practise in Brixham offering 3D foot scanning and custom insoles.

Plantar Fasciitis

Our approach to your treatment

On your first appointment, we undertake a complete assessment of your feet and lower leg areas; including a diabetic foot check which involves:

  • finding out whether or not you have any foot problems at present, or in the recent past;
  • examining your feet and possibly your footwear to see whether you may be at risk of rubbing or pressure;
  • checking your skin for changes in colour and checking for the presence of ulcers, sores, areas of hard skin or any signs of inflammation or infection;
  • testing the feeling in your feet to see how well the nerves are working;
  • taking the pulse in each of your feet to check the blood flow;
  • working out your risk (low, moderate or high) of developing a diabetic foot problem.

If the foot check shows that you don’t have any foot problems, you will still need to have a foot check every year.

The Podiatrist will talk with you about the risk of your developing foot problems in the future and explain how to look after your feet.

Additionally, we will talk with you about any appropriate treatment, including self-care, maintenance and when you should be seen again.

The appointment will also include a normal routine treatment of checking and cutting nails as necessary, finishing with a moisturising cream.

If there is a need for further treatment and depending on the condition of your feet then that would necessitate a further appointment.


Plantar fasciitis, a self-limiting condition, is a common cause of heel pain in adults. Plantar fasciitis affects athletic and general populations. Obesity, excessive foot pronation, excessive running, and prolonged standing are risk factors for developing plantar fasciitis.

During your appointment your podiatrist will use the massage technique to promote healing on your feet and strapping to support the fascia. You will be given a Heel Kit box to take home, which includes a massage ball, strapping and insoles. You will also get exercises prescribed to you.

If plantar fasciitis is recurring then we would recommend getting a 3D foot scanner to make bespoke insoles fully customized to your feet. It is worth noting that the scanner will detect and analyze the pressure points on your feet and customize the insole so you walk more symmetrically and distribute your weight evenly. Hence minimizing any future problems. The 3D foot scanner’s 4000 sensors per square foot will capture your gait and pressure points on your foot, whilst you are walking, unlike other foot scanners that capture data only when your standstill. The insoles are lightweight and provide excellent stability. The 3D foot scanner is unique to us and not available in Torbay and nearby regions. 

This appointment is approx 45mins –  £75