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We are the only Biomechanical Assessment practise in Brixham offering 3D foot scanning and custom insoles.

Verruca Treatment

Our range of Treatments

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation the podiatrist will go through your medical history and the medication you may be taking.

You will then have a full foot assessment, which includes:

  • vascular assessment, 
  • neurological assessment
  • dermatological assessment. 

This means we will check your pulses, blood circulation, sensation of your feet to see how your nerve endings are working and the condition of your skin. Podiatrists are highly trained to spot any signs or symptoms that your feet may present and you may not be aware of. This is a very important part of the initial consultation as it gives us an overview of your foot health, especially if you are diabetic. Following the consultation your podiatrist will treat you accordingly.

Initial Consultation £50
Please see treatment costs below

Verruca Treatment

This appointment is approx 45mins.
For treatment a minimum of 5 sessions will be required at £210 (for 5 treatments), £45 for additional treatments


Introducing the Quick and painless* application for verrucas

Once applied to the verruca, it produces a painless mummification of the damaged tissue that causes the verruca to detach and the podiatrist will debride it so the healthy skin forms. You will be given aftercare instructions and information on how to care for your nail